2098 UltraWARE Software

Bulletin 2098 UltraWARE is software for commissioning your Ultra™ 1500, Ultra™ 3000, Ultra™ 5000 and Kinetix® 3 Servo Drives. This software has a complete set of troubleshooting and diagnostic tools. It is compatible with a variety of drives within our Motion Control family, which simplifies integration and debugging.



  • Communicates with Ultra™ 1500, Ultra™ 3000, Ultra™ 5000 and Kinetix® 3 servo drives using the serial port on your PC
  • Lets you define motion capabilities by selecting the operating modes or the motion functions in your servo drives
  • Configuration capability that lets you commission and program your system offline
  • Powerful, field-tested productivity tools including built-in oscilloscope, on-screen meters and tools for rapid debugging and measurement
  • Monitors a wide variety of status and motion parameters on your drives
  • Supports standard ANSI C programming (Ultra5000 drives only)
  • Compatible with Windows® 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows NT operating systems


More Information

UltraWARE Software Installation Instructions  Download

UltraWARE Software User Manual  Download

UltraWARE Software Installation Instructions   Download

UltraWARE Software User Manual   Download