AIMM Services

AIMM services is a customer centric support organization within Royal Industrial Solutions that delivers technical services and support programs for our customers' needs. Our priority is to help our customers achieve their growth, profitability, and sustainability targets today and into the future.

All of our customers are on a journey to be more competitive and more productive. AIMM's goal is simple: we will be in lock step with our customers as they continually optimize their businesses to fit unique priorities and needs. AIMM Services addresses the different needs of Manufacturing companies, System Integrators, and Industrial Contractors by creating specialized offerings targeted to address the unique challenges of each.

AIMM Services delivers critical assessments and services to help you get to where you want to be.

Services Offerings

Our services programs are based on the following key areas of optimization:
Assess, Improve, Mitigate and Modernize.

For details, contact : 
Jamie Colflesh, AIMM Services