Customer Advisory Notice

E100 Electronic Motor Overload Relay - Basic Motor Control and Protection

The new Allen-Bradley™ E100™ Electronic Motor Overload Relay can help customers better protect their motors and avoid unplanned downtime due to motor failure. As the next generation of Allen-Bradley basic-tier electronic overload relays for our scalable solution portfolio, it more accurately measures a motor's current load, models its temperature and can de-energize the motor to help minimize potential equipment damage due to overheating

The E100 overload relay is part of the Rockwell Automation integrated motor control system. It can mount directly to bulletin 500 NEMA contactors and 100-C IEC contactors up to 100 A. The E100 basic model has two user-adjustable trip class settings of 10 and 20.

Optional accessories and expansion modules can extend the functionality of the E100 overload relays, enhancing motor overload protection while maintaining a cost-effective solution.

Additional Capabilities with Accessories:
• Jam & Ground Fault Protection
• Electronic Remote Reset
• Status Indication Display
• Anti-Tamper Shielding

E1 Plus Electronic Overload Relay Lifecycle Status Announcement

Rockwell Automation announces that as of April 2021*, the E1 Plus Electronic Overload Relay will be discontinued and no longer available for sale.

To support your transition, we recommend migrating to the E100TM Electronic Overload Relay which will serve as a functional replacement for the E1 Plus component. The E100 is the next generation component in basic-tier electronic overload technology for induction motor protection. This new overload system will offer a multitude of reliable and robust features to provide cost-effective protection for your motor application investments, including (but not limited to) the following:

• State-of-the-Art microprocessor with improved accuracy and repeatability
• Current measurement-based protection with a self-powered design and low heat dissipation
• Same wide current adjustment range of E1 Plus (5:1) • Basic "EE" Version will support 10/20 adjustable trip classes with manual reset only; Advanced "EF" Version will support 10/15/20/30 adjustable trip classes with automatic or manual reset
• Optional module integration via expansion port for enhanced protection features (i.e. "jam" and ground fault protection-"EF" model only) 1 or 3-phase configuration with a single E100 catalog; IEC 0.1A through 100A up to 690V (1000V capable with pass-through design), NEMA Size 00 through 3 up to 600V; Up to 800A using external current transformer configurations ("EF" model only)
• Aesthetics aligned to existing E300/E200 overload products

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