Rockwell Software

Rockwell Software® design and configuration products deliver faster time to value through world-class tools and accelerated content. Find additional information on performance and production management software, including data and asset management and manufacturing intelligence solutions.


Design software helps you maximize automation productivity through reduced design time, creating new ways to lower costs by creating consistent, modularized solutions that improve manufacturing efficiency.


FactoryTalk View provides robust and reliable functionality in an HMI solution that scales from a stand-alone, machine-level HMI to a distributed visualization solution. With FactoryTalk View, HMI challenges in process, batch and discrete applications are managed in a single software package that extends beyond the walls of your facility to deliver critical visibility on demand, improving the productivity of users at every level of your organization.

Manufacturing Intelligence and Analytics

Enterprise manufacturing intelligence software helps to free the data currently locked within your control and business systems and deliver actionable information to improve productivity, increase yield and reduce costs. Rockwell Automation Manufacturing Intelligence solutions produce analytics that help in decision making, when and where you need it, to improve plant efficiencies and OEE to save time and money.

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) provide standardized workflows to operators to ensure the highest possible production quality and regulatory compliance. By modeling your manufacturing process to drive out variability, MES can provide protection against loss of intellectual property. In addition, MES can propel continuous improvement initiatives by providing new ways to analyze process data.

Configuration and Collaboration

Rockwell Automation offers several software applications to help simplify system configuration and provide enhanced visibility into your network, asset inventory, and applications.  We also make it easier to collaborate across teams to increase productivity. These applications provide information – from alarms to diagnostics - at different layers of the system architecture to help you make decisions faster.


Rockwell’s process software and solutions give you a foundation for delivering multi-disciplined functionality with an agility to adapt to market demands. You can have predictive batch processing, consistency between batches, and the ability to design an efficient system based solely on your application needs.