VFD Cable Under NFPA 79

The variable frequency drive cable market has been marred by an assortment of products, described by the manufacturers as VFD cables, but lacking the essential properties required to perform effectively and reliably in many applications.

Stay Compliant with NFPA 79! Click Here to download "New VFD Cable Design Requirements for 2018"


PowerFlex Ac & DC Drives are flexible, productive, and easy to use. Rockwell’s drives and motor solutions can accommodate low and medium voltage applications, ranging over a variety of power ratings, thus meeting the demand of most systems.

DC Drives

PowerFlex DC Drives are easy to configure and offer open type enclosures, armature converter, regulated field converter for field weakening or economy applications, an advanced regulator with integrated DPI functionality, DC tachometer and encoder capability.Both regenerative and non-regenerative drive configurations are available.

Low Voltage AC Drives

Cost effective, low Voltage PowerFlex AC Drives are easy to program and configure, have a wide range of control modes, selections, voltages, power ratings, and features. Programming is consistent among drive options as well as the operator interface, creating a shorter set-up time, easier training for personnel, and even easier operation. These high-performance drives are general purpose for stand-alone machines and are simple to integrate with the ability to create application-specific parameters.

Medium Voltage AC Drives

Powerful Performance. Flexible Control. Allen-Bradley PowerFlex medium voltage drives are consistently energy efficient and provide reliable motor control for applications with the most demand. These drives are easy to integrate given the flexible range of connectivity protocols, including EtherNet/IP. These drives support remote monitoring/analytics, provide important information regarding drive health and process parameters back to the control system.

Servo Drives

Allen Bradley’s Servo Drives range from single axis component level to multi-axis modular level drives, offering the right size and elements to integrate into a variety of applications and network options. These drives help facilities simplify the design of machines as well as advance system performance. Integrated Motion drives accommodate the Logix platform, allowing them to be plug-and-play when configured.