Input & Output Modules

Input and Output modules supply the connection from devices to the controller, and are available in various sizes and point densities to suit many conditional applications.

Choices range from chassis-based I/O that is integrated with your Allen-Bradley® controller to I/O that is distributed around your application or mounted on a machine.

In-cabinet (IP20) and hardened on-machine (IP67/69K) options, in modular and block designs are offered for distributed applications.

Many Allen Bradley I/O families feature DeviceLogix™ Smart Component Technology, which incorporates low-cost logic solving capabilities in your I/O.

Guard I/O™ products are TÜV-certified up to SIL 3, Cat. 4, PLe. Communication support includes DeviceNet™, ControlNet™, and EtherNet/IP™, plus other industrial networks for safety applications.

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Chassis Based I/O

Precisely constructed for a particular Allen-Bradley® controller, chassis-based I/O is can be installed locally in the same chassis as the controller. Additionally, to reduce wiring costs, you can distribute the I/O closer to the sensors and actuators through the use of I/O communication networks.

Distributed I/O

Choices range from analog, digital, and specialty I/O to safety I/O. Several types consist of: In-Cabinet Block I/O, In-Cabinet (IP20) distributed I/O, and On-Machine™ Block (IP67/69K) Distributed I/O modules. These products offer a total assembly of sensor and actuator interface points, and each module includes a network adapter.

I/O Modules

With a wide array of input and output modules that cover various types of applications, from process control to high-speed digital, 1738 ArmorPOINT® I/O modules support producer/consumer technology, allowing input information and output status to be shared among multiple Logix controllers. Choose from digital, analog, and specialty I/O with various AC and DC voltages.