Manufacturing Intelligence and Analytics

Enterprise manufacturing intelligence software helps to free the data currently locked within your control and business systems and deliver actionable information to improve productivity, increase yield and reduce costs. Rockwell Automation Manufacturing Intelligence solutions produce analytics that help in decision making, when and where you need it, to improve plant efficiencies and OEE to save time and money.

FactoryTalk Historian

FactoryTalk® Historian establishes a reliable foundation for capturing the data you need to improve operations. This suite of software products meets your needs for a single machine (FactoryTalk Historian Machine Edition) to a plant-wide system (FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition). It also extends across your global enterprise using our Global Enterprise Historian Strategy. Powerful reporting and trending tools provide critical insight into performance parameters and are available at high speed and full resolution for any control system or human-machine interface (HMI) software.

FactoryTalk Analytics

FactoryTalk Analytics platform is a bundled offering that includes FactoryTalk Analytics DataView, FactoryTalk Analytics DataFlowML, and FactoryTalk Analytics Edge. This platform enables scalable analytics across the value chain, from edge to enterprise. It can ingest data from a variety of data types. It also enables advanced analytics capabilities like machine learning and data mash-ups in a self-service user experience for collaborative data analysis.

FactoryTalk InnovationSuite

FactoryTalk InnovationSuite software, powered by PTC enables companies to optimize their industrial operations and enhance productivity. The new suite delivers complete visibility of operations and systems status from one source of information inside your organization.

FactoryTalk VantagePoint

FactoryTalk® VantagePoint EMI is a powerful web-based manufacturing business intelligence solution that integrates all data into a single information management and decision support system. Designed specifically for industrial environments with premier Logix integration, VantagePoint connects to your Logix controllers, OPC data sources, Historians, and SQL / Oracle Databases to deliver best in class manufacturing intelligence. Access your data from anywhere including your shop floor devices, PC, or your mobile phone or tablet in order to make smart decisions that increase your productivity from anywhere!