Motor Protectors

Motor Protectors

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Essential Components Catalog   Download


Low Voltage Motor Protectors

Low Voltage Motor Protectors includes a broad selection of overload relays, enclosed motor protectors and modular protection systems. This product offering covers bimetallic relays and solid-state overload relays, as well as motor protection circuit breakers.

Medium Voltage Motor Protectors

Medium Voltage Motor Protectors include Bulletin 857 Motor-Feeder Protection and Bulletin 865 Differential Protection Relay to meet your motor and feeder protection requirements.

Supplementary Motor Protectors

Supplementary Motor Protectors include monitoring relays and arcing ground fault detection systems.

Surge Protectors &Filters

Surge Protectors and Filters meet the needs of industrial surge and filter protection requirements. Our surge protectors and filters protect motor drives, contactors, capacitor bank switching and more. They mount to a DIN rail or panel.