Pavilion8 – Model predictive control

Pavilion8® Model Predictive Control software can help reduce process variability and inefficiency, improve product consistency, and allow operations to push constraints for maximum productivity.

Continuous Emission Monitoring

Our Pavilion8 software delivers CEM® and SeaPEM functionality (a predictive emissions monitoring system for the marine industry) to provide highly accurate measurements of NOx, CO, O2 and other emissions as an alternative to costly hardware based continuous emissions monitors.

Control & Optimization

Pavilion8 software is designed to meet the most demanding needs of todays' process manufacturers. This software addresses industries as diverse as polyethylene, cement, ethanol, milk powder, and paper. Pavilion8 software provides a computationally efficient multivariable MPC technology for both nonlinear and linear applications.

Model Predictive Control

Model predictive control solutions use a powerful modeling engine to control, analyze, monitor, warehouse and integrate data. See more on the proven results in cement, chemical, food and beverages, oil and gas, minerals and mining, and polymers industries.