A scalable platform provides you with the flexibility to design a system appropriate for your application. Best of all you combine the reliability of plant-wide control of Integrated Architecture with core capabilities in a distributed control system (DCS).

Library of process objects reduced development time

The PlantPAx Library of Process Objects is a predefined library of controller code (Add-On Instructions), display elements (global objects), and faceplates that let you quickly assemble large applications with proven strategies, rich functionality, and known performance.

Newsletter: Process Talk

PlantPAx Process Talk gives you technical, industry and application news in a convenient format. Each information-packed issue contains keynote articles on industry trends and developments, previews of new technologies and products from Rockwell Automation and its partners, customer success stories, training opportunities and global event information.

PlantPAx in the Oil & Gas industry

PlantPAx represents a new generation of integrated, scalable solutions for large control, safety and power systems found in Oil & Gas industries. A PlantPAx solution integrates process, power, safety and critical control in a single unified platform and offers you unprecedented levels of control, and flexibility.

PlantPAx Process Automation System

See the vast capabilities in the PlantPAx system and see the advantages of using Integrated Architecture as the foundation for a world-class distributed control system.

See the versatility in the Selection Guide

Use the PlantPAx Selection Guide to step you through the selection of system elements for creating a bill of materials.