FactoryTalk Analytics

FactoryTalk Analytics for Devices is a combined suite of data tools you need on the plant floor. The regular feed of data to FactoryTalk Analytics for Devices helps you to monitor health of your system. It also helps in fore warning you when something goes wrong. It has easy-to-read dashboards and action-oriented condition notifications. This system is tailored to give you thorough insight that keeps you informed about your devices and helps you resolve any issues. Whether you're interacting from your phone or computer, this application has all the answers you need, everywhere you need them.

Monitor Updates

Get the latest updates on the health of your system. Using your System Feed will notify you about insights such as duplex mismatch, speed mismatch, and system updates.

Ask Questions

Shelby will answer them. Shelby's chat interface can be used from anywhere—your mobile phone or desktop. Shelby can answer everything you need to know about your plant floor—from which devices are online to how many devices have faulted. Every question you ask makes Shelby smarter—so even if it can't answer your question today, it can learn for the future!

Get Device Insights

Understand the performance of your devices in one comprehensive view. Your Explorer view gives you clear dashboards for all your devices, letting you know when your devices are running smoothly and making you aware when you need to make some adjustments. By aggregating the data of your system, these dashboards also help you understand the performance of your devices over time.

Take Action

Take action on your devices when they need your review. Your Action Deck complies a deck of actions for you to respond to—swipe right if they're important, left if not. Shelby will learn over time what's most important to you, and serve up cards based on your preferences.

Automate Processes in Your Industry to Fit Your Requirements

Automating your processes does not have to be a "one-size-fits-all" solution to maintain critical operations in your industry.

We offer a wide range of process solutions that apply methods and technology to safeguard your operations,
and match your economic and performance requirements.

Process Control and Measurement

Total Plant Control

Rockwell's Modern DCS System

See the vast capabilities in the PlantPAx system and see the advantages of using Integrated Architecture as the foundation for a world-class distributed control system.. A Connected Enterprise helps you view real-time data on manufacturing processes, compare performance across plants, quickly scale production up or down, manage energy consumption and even troubleshot and fix processes and plants remotely. The PlantPAx® system—a modern DCS—is a key component of The Connected Enterprise. It helps you meet key market challenges through:

  • Plant-wide control and optimization
  • Scalable and modular architectures
  • Open, information-enabled, and secure architectures
  • Flexibility in delivery and support of the system

1. The PlantPAx system helps you make better, faster decisions. It enables you to respond more quickly to customers' demands and fast-changing specifications. It's time to rethink what a modern distributed control system can do for you.

2. Use the PlantPAx Selection Guide to step you through the selection of system elements for creating a bill of materials.

Process Control and Measurement

Build A Resilient Converged Plantwide Ethernet Architecture

A resilient network architecture within an Industrial Automation and Control System (IACS) application plays a pivotal role in helping to minimize the risk of application shutdowns while helping to maximize overall plant uptime. View White Paper

Process OEM Solutions

Rockwell Automation and its partners help lower Total Cost to Design, Develop and DeliverSM equipment.

Our modular programming guidelines, PlantPAx™ Process Automation System libraries, and productivity toolkits provide the technology and economic advantages required. We have helped OEMs assess and quantify the value realized by choosing us as their preferred process automation partner.

More Information on OEM Solutions

Tom Caporale
PLC/HMI/Software Specialist