Comply with Safety Standards to Reduce the Risk of Injuries and Improve Productivity

Safety Programmable Controllers

Understanding the current risk level of one machine or an entire plant floor is a huge task and many companies do not know where to begin, but we can help. Royal Industrial Solutions offers safety assessments to help you complete the first step of becoming a safe and compliant workplace by providing complete documentation and remediation suggestions.

Risk Assessment, Guarding Assessment, and Conformity Audits

Your Rockwell Automation Risk Assessment, scalable based on your needs, will provide:

  • A repeatable process that can help improve machine safeguarding and act as a guide towards achieving regulatory compliance
  • Clarification of safeguarding requirements and definition of the appropriate control circuit architecture and safety performance level needed for compliance
  • Documented evidence of intent to produce a safer product or workplace
  • Identification of potentially hazardous situations that may be missed by using any other method of risk assessment Scalable Risk Assessments

Arc Flash Analysis

An Arc Flash Analysis helps identify issues that may lead to an arc flash or blast. An arc flash or blast can release dangerous levels of heat energy, fire, molten materials, vaporized solids that can be inhaled, flying shrapnel and trigger the rapid expansion of air, all capable of causing severe and sometimes fatal injuries. To help reduce the risk of an arc flas h or blast, and the associated injuries, a Rockwell Automation Arc Flash Analysis includes:

  • Electrical Power Systems Analysis
  • Recommended Arc Flash Safety Training
  • Short Circuit Current Analysis & Hazard Analysis
  • Overcurrent Protective Device Coordination Analysis

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Arc Flash


Royal Industrial Solutions can provide lockout-tagout services that help you create new procedures or update existing programs, as well as provide training to improve your lockout-tagout compliance. Improvements can be realized in risk reduction and overall lockout-tagout time reduction.

Rockwell Automation, Inc. has acquired ESC Services, Inc., a global hazardous energy control provider of lockout-tagout services and solutions.
ESC Services develops and installs equipment-specific lockout-tagout procedures featuring custom graphics and safety workflows.

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Energy Monitoring

Selecting Compliant VFD Cable Under NFPA 79

As an early developer of Variable Frequency Drive specific cables, Belden deeply understands the very specific design attributes that determine how a VFD cable effectively mitigates potential issues associated with a high frequency switching, solid-state power supply.
An example would be a variable frequency inverter found in modern AC and servo drives.

Belden's premium 100% ground and 300% ground VFD cables were co-developed with a drive manufacturer, then tested and proven reliable in over 20 years of VFD applications. These cables are fully compliant with the new requirements of NFPA 79.

nfpa-79-vfd-statement-of-compliance     VFD Brochure

statement compliance

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