Identify, Mitigate and Eliminate the Risks of Automation Obsolescence

Is your automation equipment OBSOLETE, SILVER SERIES, or approaching END OF LIFE? Do you have 1336 or Bulletin 160 VFDs installed? PLC-5 or even SLC-500? As products approach the end of their expected life, the availability of parts and resources become more difficult to obtain, until the point one or both are exhausted. We provide online tools, product notifications, and full-service assessments—such as the Installed Base Evaluation with product lifecycle coding—that help you to identify potential risks across your enterprise.

Modernization Assessment

Your organization can use the service to review its facilities for parts that are running business critical activities, have no spare parts, and also are discontinued. This can help create a corporate risk profile that highlights the highest risk for downtime at each site.

An Installed Base Evaluation now known as a Modernization Assessment, is a service that can help accomplish plant-wide initiatives, such as:

  • Identifying your most critical assets
  • Reducing obsolescence risks
  • Managing corporate storeroom and spare parts initiatives
  • Ensuring all assets have up-to-date bills of material
  • Identifying gaps in safety, workforce Training, and PM programs
  • Identify loT Readiness
  • Identify Energy, Efficiency and Cost savings


Migration Solutions

Once the legacy assets are identified, we can provide immediate options to migrate certain products to newer technology as a turnkey solution or in a phased approached – whatever meets your current needs.

VIDEO: Lifecycle Extension & Migrations

Self Service Tools Know your part number? Verify its lifecycle here

We offer complete turnkey services delivered that focuses on one-for-one replacement, such as:
  • Upgrade your operator interface with current technology
  • Replace an AC or DC drive with current technology
  • Replace a PLC with current technology
  • Update automation software and communication/HMI technology
  • Convert an analog drive to its digital counterpart
  • Implement or convert a network for your automation assets

Why Migrate to Newer Technology?
  • Increased machine availability
  • Minimized synchronization issues, training requirements, spare parts, and other unnecessary redundancies
  • Quick adaption to market changes and improve overall plant-wide optimization
  • Access to actionable, plant-wide information
  • Lower maintenance costs associated with disparate legacy systems and hard to find replacement parts
  • Increased production capacity
  • Reduced scrap

PLC & IO repair Service

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